A Case for Cruising

While some seasoned travelers are hesitant to acknowledge the merits of cruising, here are some reasons you might want to consider booking a cruise for your next vacation. You may be surprised to find that you can still enjoy all the luxury, independence, and meaningful travel experiences aboard a cruise as you would with a traditional land trip.

1. You can still have genuine, local experiences

If you associate cruise travel with large crowds that clog up the ports and flock toward lumbering shore excursion buses, you should know that there are other options. Many cruise lines offer private tours and day-trips, and even luxury experiences like private charters and specialized activities featuring private concerts or adventure excursions. You can also take a cue from veteran cruisers and use a local travel specialist at each port. A local operator will be knowledgeable about the area's best attractions and how you can make the most of the time you have at port. You should be allowed to choose from expertly-designed programs or customize your own day-trip. The local operator can also connect you with reliable and entertaining local guides, as well as convenient transportation and superior museum access so you don't waste any of your time at the destination. CTCAdventures offers trusted, quality shore excursion programs in the Mediterranean and beyond. Please visit this page to browse sample programs, or call us to find out how you can book a cruise or add a special excursion to your next adventure!

2. Change locations without changing your bed

Do you hate spending time in transit when you travel? Maybe you always feel impatient to get to the next place on a multi-destination vacation, or maybe you've never visited more than one location while traveling because you don't feel you have the time. With a cruise, you don't have to worry about catching a flight or finding your own way on the road. You simply enjoy the ride and can easily wake up in a new destination every morning!

Star Clippers

3. Let the children enjoy their own activities...

Another worry often faced by families during extended trips is how to keep the kids entertained. Many cruiselines offer events and educational workshops for kids, so they are being engaged and cared for while you relax. A local travel operator can also suggest appropriate activities for families with children and families with special needs at a specific port of call.

Lindblad Expeditions (Amazon)

4. And the adults can have fun too

Of course there are many on-board activities for adults as well! For example, travel aboard Fathom's recently launched Adonia ship to Cuba includes live bands and Cuban dance classes, island-inspired food and cocktails, workshops inviting you to reflect on your journey, and the customary fun and games, pool and spa to occupy your time. You might also consider a cruise tailored to your specific interests. The Katarina Line in Croatia offers options for nature enthusiasts, young travelers looking for party spots, wine lovers, gourmet cruises, and active cruises. The world of water travel offers an endless variety of options from themed cruises to ship size to even luxury and ship design. Knowing the impact these factors can have on the success of your own personal experience, we want to help you find just the right fit for you!

Fathom Travel (Cuba)

5. Cruise and good design do mix

To follow up the previous point, you might be surprised to learn that some cruiselines are now making elegant design a priority. If luxury and fine surroundings are also high on your list, you'll want to make sure you're booking with the ships that fit this standard. For example, Viking Cruises has two new ships – the Viking Star and Viking Sea – that accentuate contemporary design and stunning features.

Viking Ocean Cruises (Viking Sea)

6. Visit traditional and not-so-traditional places

You might not think so, but traveling by cruise can actually allow you to see more remote destinations during your trip. That's because small ships can access more out-of-the-way destinations, and there are river cruise options around the globe. Remote islands such as the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal were once mostly accessible by chartered vessel, but this year will be reachable by Silversea's Silver Discoverer cruise. Another exemplary case close to home is the hot Caribbean destination of Cuba. Cruising is still the most convenient way for American travelers to explore Cuba.

Silversea Cruises (Andaman Islands)

Ultimately with cruising, today you can find as many cruising styles as there are traveler personalities. You can go as big or as small as you want, so don't let the fear of being over-crowded or boxed-in put you off. We want to help you find the perfect match for you, because there's no reason to miss out on the unique experience of traveling by boat, especially when the world and the art of the voyage are waiting to be discovered.