Cruises for the Non-Cruiser

Do you believe all cruises are designed equally? Whether you’ve only cruised on ships carrying thousands of passengers, or you’ve avoided cruising because you think the scene is just not for you; we’re here to mix up your next vacation. Small Ship and River Cruises can offer some of the most unique travel experiences you’ll find, as well as one of the best ways to breeze through multiple stunning locations without using up all your vacation days. If you want to find out more about all the ways these cruise itineraries are an excellent option for your next domestic or international jaunt – think cozy atmosphere, beating large crowds in the harbor, and maneuvering into smaller ports of call – click over to this recent article for more details.

Far from being limited, there are at least 200 cruise lines in this special category – including both Ocean and River Cruises - so it can get confusing for even the most seasoned traveler to distinguish between them and choose the best one for their needs. If you want to experience one of these getaways for you and your loved ones but you find yourself in the middle of this common cruise conundrum, we encourage you to call in the experts! You can also find some featured cruise programs on our website.

Our best tip for this season is to book before the end of the year to be sure and grab the best rates, cruise itineraries, and state-room options! If you’re still undecided about trying this spectacular mode of travel or where you want to go, then the opportunity to seal the deal on the best rates before the New Year might be just the nudge you were looking for! Start planning next year’s travel now and it’s possible you could save a few hundred dollars on some cruise packages. Additionally, more options are likely to be open to you now, as some cruises along smaller rivers, such as Paris’s Seine, may be completely sold out once the spring has passed. Finally, earlybirds will generally enjoy better choice of accommodation if this is one of your top priorities. Truthfully, we think you’ll want to be spending more time out of your room than in it anyway.

So to all you veterans and non-cruisers alike: Get ready to climb aboard your ship adventure, unpack once and cruise into a new destination and a new world of sights and sounds every day! If you have a plan in mind already, that’s great! But even if you don’t, please give us a call, as we’d love to be a part of your exciting voyage to any number of fascinating destinations all over the world.