Should I use a Travel Advisor for my next trip?

No matter where you want to go on your next adventure, a Travel Advisor can provide peace of mind, expert knowledge, and an itinerary with structure or freedom where you need it. If you are wondering what is a Travel Advisor, or how can a custom travel specialist help you plan your trip, read on to find out more!

What is a Custom Travel Advisor?

Unlike some large travel agencies who focus on marketing and selling one-size-fits-all cruise and travel packages, a Custom Travel Specialist works as your partner to find out your specific needs and select the best options to match your wishes and budget. This also means we have the flexibility to offer you as many or as few of our services as you need. Maybe you already started planning a trip and have booked some hotels, but you feel in over your head – we can take over! Or if you need assistance with finding transportation from place to place, or renting a car, we can handle that too. After having a chat and getting to know you and your situation, we will build a custom travel itinerary that includes as many tours, transfers, accommodations and tickets as you prefer. With your feedback, we continue to tweak the itinerary until it’s right for you!


There is no fee for the services of our Travel Specialists at CTCAdventures. We are here for you before, during and after your trip to make sure you have an amazing journey and that you will be happy for us to continue being a part of your adventures in the future.

Why Use a Professional?

It’s really no surprise that Travel Agents and Advisors are making a come-back. The simple fact is that time is so scarce and the choices for travelers are increasingly overwhelming. Sure, you could spend hours hunting for a flight at the right price and on the right dates, as well as navigating the new airline fare classes. And then you can spend countless additional hours searching for tours and figuring out how to book trains and ferries. And how do you arrange for someone to meet you at the airport upon arrival? It can be a massive project to find out all that you need and choose what services are best for you if you’ve never seen it and you don’t know who to trust. That’s where a Travel Advisor comes in! It’s our job as travel specialists to understand the lingo used by airlines and cruises, and what the different air and train categories or hotel room types really mean for you. We can also suggest activities and sights we think you’ll love. We’ve been there first to test it out for you, and we have professional partners in the location to keep their eye on what’s new.

Here’s a condensed list of the value a custom travel specialist will add to your trip:

1. Save Time and Stress

Travel planning can be fun, but it’s nevertheless a time-consuming process. A Travel Advisor takes all the extra time and stress out of the planning stage so all you have to do is pack and go! As more and more people travel around the world, the travel market is flooded with options. As an individual who may be unfamiliar with a destination, it takes time to sort through all the options and pick what matches your dream trip, along with keeping your family and travel buddies happy too. You may only get one chance to visit that bucket-list spot, so it can be stressful to get it just right on your own.

2. Added Insight

Do you know all the best places to sleep and eat and where to go and what to see? Most travelers want to feel more like a local, not a tourist. Travel specialists visit the location for you and inspect everything – hotels, tours, food and transportation – from the perspective of clients. And if we haven't personally been where you want to go, we have trusted partners and colleagues who live there or visit frequently.

3. Someone You Know

We use a team of experts and partners to build your trip, but you only have to worry about staying in touch with one person – your custom travel specialist! When you contact us, you're reaching out to an actual person with whom you can build a trusted relationship. We get invested in our clients' happiness and satisfaction and want to make sure each and every trip is packed with positive lifelong memories. These days, even though the world is globalized, relationships mean everything in travel. As our guest when you go abroad, you will also benefit from our relationships with hotels, guides, transportation and other services. This is an added bonus when something goes wrong on your trip because of missed flights, natural disasters or changes to plans. Give your specialist a call and we’ll take on the unpleasant tasks of making overseas calls and waiting on hold with service providers.

Once you've experienced a tailor-made vacation with insider knowledge, convenient transfers and bookings, and authentic local experiences, you'll never want to go back to doing it all on your own!