Turkey Anticipates 2016 Travel

As the quieting blanket of snow disappears from the landscape to make way for milder days, Turkey dusts itself off in anticipation of the coming tourist season. The spirit of the city is alive and well in Istanbul, and Turkey, with its many charms, waits to welcome visitors with customary hospitality. This country is truly a land unlike any other, with a rich history influenced by vast empires, and a vibrant present-day culture filled with sensory delights for every traveler. It offers an exotic blend of ancient architecture, culinary marvels, Aegean coastlines, and bustling bazaars that have attracted a growing number of Americans over the past twenty-five years. 

The forecast for tourism in general may be uncertain this year, but there are many perspectives from recent media that stress global citizenship. After worldwide incidents, including those in our own backyard, boosting Turkey’s tourism industry is now more important than ever. And as Murat Karakus, director of the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office in NYC, recently stated for the New York Times "It's a sensitive period in Turkey right now, but to support us means that people need to keep going." In today's globalized world, what affects one point on the map has repercussions for us all, and from a security standpoint, there is no reason to cancel your travel plans to Turkey. 
The World Tourism Forum met in Istanbul at the beginning of February. Leaders from various sectors of the travel world came together to share ideas and talk about developing trends. In a panel for online tourism, there was discussion of how the media often sensationalizes events and misleads the public. Bas Lemmens, CEO of Roomlr, commented that his biggest competitor is bad news, stressing the importance of keeping tourism alive in an era of negative media.

So what can you expect from Turkey in 2016? A country prepared to welcome travelers with open arms. It could arguably be the best time to make your dreams come true in this land of wonders. Go on a customized foodie tour from Istanbul to Kuşadası, view the surreal sunrise landscape of Cappadocia from a hot air balloon, charter a yacht to explore Turkish and Greek isles, or luxuriate in the impossibly blue waters of the Turquoise Coast. On top of that, if you want an even more immersive experience, there are a number of interesting events to check out this year*.

Turkey deserves to be discovered, and there are endless options to make your trip personal and unforgettable. One of the best elements of travel, wherever it takes you, is its ability to foster relationships and inspire unity. Looking ahead for the year, why not seize the power of travel to bring people together?

*Turkey 2016 - Favorite Festivals & Events:

  • April 7th-17th: Istanbul Film Festival 
  • April 18-24th: International Antalya Childrens' Festival 
  • May 16-20th: V Marmaris Folk Dance Festival 
  • May 31st - June 29th: Istanbul Music Festival 
  • June 4th - November 14th: International Antalya Sand Festival 
  • June 6th - July 4th: Ramadan 
  • July TBC: Istanbul Jazz Festival 
  • July 23rd - September 17th: Side Culture and Art Festival 
  • October 29th: Republic Day