10 Reasons to Yacht the Mediterranean This Summer!

So it's time to start planning your summer vacation, but you wish it could all just be easier. Maybe you're looking for a new kind of getaway. Private yacht charters offer simplicity and style while traveling, and they may be more accessible than you think. If you're wondering what it's like to cruise the Mediterranean aboard your own privately-chartered vessel, here's the inside scoop.

1. Privacy
As you might imagine, when you charter a private vessel – whether you choose a sailing yacht, a gulet, a motor yacht, or a bareboat yacht with no crew – you will ultimately have more privacy between your group and other travelers. Your yacht will be your escape from the summer crowds, while giving you and your companions quality time together.

Speaking of quality time, that doesn't mean you and your loved ones have to feel cramped together on your cruiser. There are many areas of the boat where you can spread out – from the forward deck to the aft deck, with sunbeds, dining, and lounging areas, you will be able to find your solitude at sea. Especially in the case of modern wooden gulets, which have been built with more spacious indoor and outdoor areas for increased comfort while cruising at sea. On top of it all, your wide open surroundings will give you the feeling of limitless space and may even inspire you to sleep under the stars.

2. Only unpack once
That's right! When you board the yacht, it essentially becomes your traveling hotel for duration of your trip. That means you don't have to pack and unpack your luggage at every destination, and no dragging around all of your belongings as you try to find that charming boutique hotel you booked. This is the beauty and simplicity of traveling by yacht – you can truly go where the fairer winds take you, and not lose time worrying over your bags.

3. More downtime
When your transit time becomes just another enjoyable part of your overall vacation, you have ample opportunity for relaxation and catching up on your favorite hobbies. Work on your golden summer glow from the top deck of your private cruiser, work your way through that reading list you've been itching to get to all year, let your creative juices flow with writing or photography, or invest in making family memories you'll never forget as you share stories, play board games, and take night swims under the stars.

4. VIP access
With a yachting vessel as your mode of transportation, you and your crew will be able to reach many spots that are often overlooked by land or cruise travelers because they are too difficult or impossible to reach by other means. So for instance, if you want to see those Byzantine ruins on Gemiler Island (called St. Nicholas Island by medieval sailors), you'll be anchored in the company of other private vessels.

5. Aquatic pursuits
When your accommodation is floating in the middle of a blue oasis, you have 24/7 water activities right under your nose! Whether you're into snorkeling, diving, wake-boarding, or just swimming, one of the best benefits of being on a yacht is taking advantage of these activities for your body and mind.

6. Gorgeous sunsets
If you're someone who loves a good photo op, or drinking a glass of wine in the presence of an incredible sunset view, then every evening will offer up a treat just for you! Have you dreamed of seeing that famous sunset in Santorini? Well you won't have to fight any crowds or scope out the best seat in a packed restaurant when you can get a prime view right from your own deck.

7. Fresh, local cuisine
You will encounter fresh seafood and local tastes at every new port of call. Your onboard cook will know just how to transform these ingredients so you are sure to make the most of what's available.

8. Island hopping
During a yachting holiday, you have the freedom to move according to your own pace and will not be rushed to make it to that next hotel check-in or make it back to your cruise-ship when exploring an interesting port. You can easily hop from island to island or port to port, seeing many locations with ease, or staying a bit longer when you find an atmosphere you love.

9. Be pampered
For your yachting vacation, you may choose to go bareboat style and skipper your own vessel (only recommended for the most experienced mariners), or you can literally sit back and just enjoy the ride.

Depending on your level of experience, you might choose to charter a bareboat, a skippered yacht, or a yacht with a full crew. In the last case, you don't have to worry about any details such as how to navigate from one place to another, what to do if the bathroom loses water pressure, where to find supplies at the next marina, knowing the rules for docking in each destination, or maybe even what's on the menu for the day!

You can also hire a tour guide who will travel with you along the way. This option is highly recommended because you will be sure to make the most of your time at sea. A tour guide can introduce you to hidden gems and local flavors while entertaining you with stories as you soak up new places and cultures.

10. Endless possibilities
The wonders of yachting know no bounds. With this unique mode of exploration, you could potentially travel the world, so there's no chance of running out of destinations any time this century. We promise, no two yachting vacations will ever be the same. Contact us at CTCAdventures to arrange your own custom yachting expedition anywhere in the Mediterranean!