Shore Excursions

Below you will find ports of call (arranged by country) from some of our southern European destinations. Please have a look at any of these privately-guided tour descriptions by clicking on the name of the city. You can also ask us about excursions for alternate ports and towns where your cruise might stop.

To book any of our shore excursions, simply call or send us a message from the "Contact Us" page.

Why are CTCAdventures programs so special? All of our excursions are fully-customizable and always private. Your group will never be combined with other tour groups - either in transfer or while on the tour itself.

For those with less time to spare, we know how to fit the highlights into one day while keeping the itinerary relaxed and not overwhelming. Our intimate operation, with over 15 years of experience, allows us to offer our services at prices oftentimes less than the cost of a large-scale cruise line tour. Use our experience and network of long-time friends and professionals to your advantage: discover the hidden gems that most shore outings miss.