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Our Story

Since 2001, we’ve helped to write the travel stories of thousands of happy clients. Our own story continues to develop…

A Boston native and graduate of Tufts University, our founder and travel specialist, Mary Bai, worked in travel operations all over the world for more than 35 years. She has lived and worked in Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Costa Rica and China. In addition, she has traveled extensively in Turkey as well as Italy, Croatia, Portugal, France, Ireland, the UK and Egypt.

Today, CTCAdventures operates out of offices in Boston and Europe, with a focus on crafting custom itineraries to places in the Mediterranean region and beyond. We have local experts on the ground in each destination, and our team continues to travel, both independently and together, so we can continue to give our clients the best insights and travel recommendations.  Our guests include families, honeymooners and young couples, retirees, university groups, clubs and organizations, experienced travelers and first-timers – anyone who values customized, no-stress travel.

We currently specialize in the following Mediterranean destinations: Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Egypt and Morocco.  We also create custom trips to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

We believe that any journey can become an adventure by remaining open to new and spontaneous experiences and connecting with locals in a variety of settings. Travel is exciting, uplifting, educational, and has the power to change how we see the world and our place in it.  Extraordinary vacations begin with careful planning, and that’s why we take the time to answer your questions and listen to your ideas before making recommendations specifically tailored for you. Our mission is to create itineraries that speak to your own unique needs, ensuring that you have many unforgettable experiences during your travels, and leaving you with a desire to come back for even more.

Why Let Us Plan Your Trip

Save Time

Think about all the hours of research you can save! Good travel planning takes time. Finding the best hotels for your budget and bed arrangement. Mapping an ideal route that stitches your itinerary together, while making sure not to miss anything special. And how many days is enough for Sicily anyway? We have the experience to answer your questions and save you loads of time in researching the more tedious details.

Stress Less

Your Travel Specialist is here to make sure your trip is a success. We provide support before and during your journey. Planning a trip, especially with a large group of people, can be an organizational headache if you don’t know what works best for different group sizes, ages and special requests. We all know travel can be stressful at times. During your trip, you can contact us or a local representative if problems arise.

Spend Well

With our local connections in destinations around the world, we can provide you with fair and competitive pricing on hotels, tours and more. Most importantly, we recommend only the best quality services, private drivers, guides and tours that have been chosen carefully by our team. Travel memories are once-in-a-lifetime and can’t be returned or exchanged, but you can be sure your money is well spent!