January 06 , 2021

Celebration Vacations

What will you celebrate in 2021?

Celebration Vacations

Life’s milestones are unforgettable, especially when they’re part of a celebration vacation. Kick off your retirement with a gastronomic tour of Provence, reward a new graduate with a grand tour worthy of Harry Potter, take a family reunion by private yacht off the Turkish coast, or make special memories ‘just because’ on dreamy islands in Greece and Croatia. Many get-togethers and special celebrations have been postponed during the days of the pandemic, but with the new year and vaccines on the way, we can start planning for ways to honor life’s many benchmarks and turning points.

Why is travel the greatest way to celebrate?

Experiencing new places together, making your way through unknown cultural elements, forges bonds that bring you closer to your travel companions. Someday, you can reminisce about that time you got lost in Venice and stumbled upon a cute little bacaro away from the crowds. Or that time you rented a car and drove to a pink-sand beach in Crete that just blew you away. When you travel with friends and loved ones, you’ll come away with personal shared moments and funny stories that make memories stand out.


Image by katerina_drag from Pixabay

What do people celebrate when they travel?

We have clients who book travel for all types of occasions - your imagination is the only limit! Classic examples are the romantic destination wedding, honeymoon, or vow renewal. Celebrate successes like graduations, corporate milestones, or promotions. Ultimately, vacations bring people together – think family reunions, a friends’ getaway, retirement send-off, corporate incentives, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. You may also like to gift a trip for a momentous birthday or anniversary. It’s a fact – celebrating is just that much more fun when you add an incredible destination!


What’s the secret to planning a great trip?

There are two important keys when it comes to the planning phase of your trip: communication and organization. Communication starts with you and your travel partners, and organization starts with your travel specialist! When thinking about a celebration vacation, here are some questions to ask yourself and your travel crew:

  • What type of environment do you want to be in? i.e., relaxing, Mediterranean, cultural, historic, nightlife, artsy, outdoors, old-world, modern, kid-friendly, luxury, gastronomic
  • Does everyone in your group have similar interests?
  • Will everyone be ok traveling at the same pace?
  • What is your budget and who is paying what?
  • How much time will you set aside and do your vacation days align?

To help get everyone on the same page, you might consider setting up a private Facebook or WhatsApp group to corral ideas, likes and dislikes. You can also schedule a virtual meeting with your travel specialist to discuss plans face to face.


Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

What are the benefits of working with a travel specialist?

When you plan a trip to celebrate a special event, chances are you want it to be a once-in-lifetime adventure. A travel expert can help you take it to the next level because how to find what you’re looking for in each destination. No time wasted, no money wasted, and simply a fun trip without the hassle! For some, the perfect answer might be a cruise or an all-inclusive resort, while others will prefer a fully customized travel plan with different activities to suit everyone in the group.


It’s easiest to involve a travel specialist from the start to help you ask the right questions, stay on budget, and streamline the whole process. Even in one family, there can be many different ideas and wish-lists to manage! Our specialists help you sort out all the details, from choosing a destination to making sure everyone in the group gets to do some of what they prefer. We send you a detailed customized itinerary that you can share with your group to make sure everyone is on board before you make the booking. As the plan shapes up, you don’t have to keep track of all the tickets, payments, booking codes, train and ferry schedules and other logistics – we do it all for you! We know all the destinations, hotels, and local vendors, so we can help you find the places and activities that will give you the ideal vacation/celebration for your family or group.


We do the work, so you can relax.

Planning travel around important or emotional life events can lead to a lot of pressure, so we are here to take the worry and stress away. In fact, we love talking about travel with you and we aim to make the process fun! You can talk to your travel specialist directly by phone or video call, so that you feel comfortable throughout the process and can be as hands-off or as involved in the planning details as you want to be.


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