March 14 , 2021

Top 3 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Home for Your Next Trip

Whatever your budget, there’s a vacation rental out there for you.

Top 3 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Home for Your Next Trip


As our traditional notions of travel are being re-thought due to the coronavirus pandemic and discussions around sustainability, many travelers are looking for ways to travel better. One trending idea is the concept of staying in one place and exploring it more in depth. There is also the consideration of seeking out privacy and avoiding crowds. More than ever, booking a vacation house or villa to claim as your own for a week or more is a highly sought-after travel accommodation.Vacation home rentals can be fully serviced so that everything is brought to you, and you may even wish to hire a private chef. You can arrange to have a cleaner every day, or as often as you prefer during your stay. There really are endless options concerning location, architectural design, interior décor, included features, size and price. With the help of a travel specialist that is knowledgeable about the properties they offer, choosing the right place for you becomes easy and fun!


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For groups and families, vacation homes offer an ideal way to vacation all together, with the space to socialize or meet together and, at the same time, have your own private quarters to chill. If there are children in your group, they will love having the freedom to run around and not be confined to a hotel room. Not to mention, having your own private pool or jacuzzi is a huge benefit in itself! Villas are also a great option for couples as they offer the ultimate privacy and can be found in secluded locations with unforgettable romantic views.


Here are 3 undeniable reasons why booking your own villa or vacation home is a smart choice for your next getaway!


1. Privacy & Peace


Vacation houses and villas are the best way to achieve more privacy on your precious vacation. No worrying about noisy hotel neighbors, no unwanted disturbances, and no crowded pools or long lines at the buffet. You can enjoy seclusion for a more relaxing vacation, or be able to keep the party going late into the night without the restrictions of hotel policies. Plus, all the amenities will be totally yours for the duration of your stay! Depending on the property you choose, you may have the use of extra features like a pool, gardens, beachfront, fitness room, sauna, jacuzzi, recreation areas, kids’ playground and more.


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2. Unexpected Value


Renting a villa may seem at first glance like a cost inhibitive vacation luxury. But actually, there can be a surprising value to villa rentals if you consider all of the private amenities included, and especially if you can fill all the rooms and split the cost among your travel companions. For example, you may find a 4-bedroom property with private pool and share the cost of $800 per night among 4 different couples for a fantastic week in the Greek islands. It all comes with plenty of shared and private spaces, often priceless views, and a kitchen where you can eat in some nights and save money on restaurant bills. We recently had an extended family of 16 rent a beautiful villa in Tuscany with a price tag of just $68 per person per day. A car is recommended for these vacations as villas are often located in more remote locations.


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3. Deeper Travel Experience


There’s something about unpacking once and really settling into a place – having a home away from home – that gives you more than the usual touristic perspective on a destination. With a villa rental, you may find yourself making a more authentic connection to the local area. It’s in the little things like going out shopping at local markets and bringing back culinary finds to your kitchen. Or making daily excursions out into the area, then driving back past recognizable landmarks that bring you ‘home’ at the end of the day. Maybe you’d like to invite a local chef to come prepare dinner or give you a cooking class. Enjoy a more personal and intimate experience than you’d get from going out to restaurants for every meal.


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Spending more time with a home base in one place helps you to experience it on a deeper level. Even if your ultimate goal is to simply become one with the waves and the sand.


Whatever your budget, there’s a vacation rental out there for you. With help from someone who knows the destination well, you can find the perfect place to make your vacation divine!