February 04 , 2022

Which Romantic Getaway is Your Perfect Match?

We’ve narrowed down the search for 2022’s most romantic destination, depending on your travel style as a couple.

Which Romantic Getaway is Your Perfect Match?

If you love to travel, there’s nothing like sharing an adventure with your significant other. Discover something new about your partner and reinforce shared interests, like trying new foods, getting out in nature, or learning phrases in another language.


In truth, any trip where you share new perspectives and get out of your regular day-to-day can be a romantic occasion. There are some destinations that just can’t help but be romantic – like Venice, Santorini and Tuscany – but don’t limit your search to just these! Depending on your travel personality as a duo, and what you like to do together, your perfect romantic getaway might be one of these 7 stunning destinations:


Best for culinary aspirations: Italy

In Italy, food and passion are interchangeable. This is a nation so steeped in fresh ingredients and signature flavors, it’s hard to decide where to focus your wanderings. From an overflowing bucket list of gastronomic delights, these are our top 4 romantic foodie experiences in Italy … 1) Touring Emilia Romagna to taste Parma’s prosciutto, Modena’s aged balsamic vinegar, and watch how parmesan cheese is made. 2) Hand-rolling fresh pasta and sipping red wine somewhere in the Tuscan countryside. 3) Sitting canal-side with ombre and cicchetti, Venetian wine and snacks. 4) Chasing down a wood-fired Neapolitan pizza with limoncello on the Amalfi Coast.



Best for chill island days: Crete

As the largest island of Greece, Crete has more beach umbrellas to go around. Relax on its shores and enjoy the incredible natural beauty of Elafonnissi’s pink sand, the unreal blues of Balos Lagoon, palm-fringed Vai and more. You can spend a week and not run out of things to do, splitting your stay between Chania in the west and Elounda in the east. We recommend renting a car for the freedom to take day trips to picturesque beaches and traditional villages like Loutro and Margarites. Don’t forget to explore the remains of the ancient Minoans at Knossos, hike Samaria Gorge, do some olive oil and wine tastings, and check out the nightlife in Malia.



Best for Eastern luxury & spa treatments: Marrakesh

For a pampered escape, the luxury spa resorts of Marrakesh will make you feel like eastern royalty. A Moroccan hammam ritual is a sensual feast of steaming baths, cooling marble tiles, exotic treatments of rhassoul clay, rose water and argan oil, all with the lavish surroundings of intricate Moorish architecture and blooming courtyards. At your leisure, go from the peaceful sanctuary of the hammam to the bustling streets of the ‘Red City’, famous for its medieval medina and hectic souk. The noises and smells emanating from the maze of alleys, together with the sumptuous architecture of mosaics and minarets – in Marrakesh you have no choice but to feel alive.



Best for outdoor exploration: Mallorca

For couples who want the sun at their backs and the wind in their faces, the sunny Spanish island of Mallorca is the place to be. The largest of the Balearic archipelago is a place for endless outdoor adventure. Spend days hiking and cycling the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, or driving along roads that curve through almond and olive groves and tiny perched villages with spectacular vistas. Take a boat trip along the coast to swim in secluded coves, or go sea caving and cool off from the hot sun. Romance lingers in the golden terraced vineyards of the hinterland, the enchanting medieval streets of Palma’s old town, and rosy sunsets at cocktail hour.



Best for cityscapes and vineyards: Bordeaux

When you want the best of European city life, world-class cuisine, and romantic vineyards a short drive away, there’s no place like Bordeaux. You’ve probably heard of Bordeaux for its wine, but you may not realize that its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to the incredible architecture. Gracefully curved in the shape of a crescent moon along the Garonne River, the city entertains with plentiful art museums, a new modern wine museum, and day trips to wine chateaux and vineyards in wine-growing regions like Saint-Émilion, Graves, Entre-Deux-Mers and Medoc.



Best for Cinematic Scenery: Scotland

The brooding glens and rolling pastoral scenes of Scotland are the stuff of romance novels and fairytales. This country’s breathtaking scenery has played a starring role in many Hollywood productions, including the Harry Potter movies and the James Bond installment of ‘Skyfall’. More recently, the ‘Outlander’ series has transported viewers to rugged misty moors, WWII-era cities and atmospheric settings like Doune Castle. Discover the magic of Scotland with starry-eyed activities like long country walks, spirited scotch tastings, enjoying the charm of Edinburgh’s medieval and Georgian streets, or snuggling up by a fire with the poetry of Burns.



Best for history & hospitality: Egypt

Egypt is a bucket-list kind of destination for the lore and magnitude of its ancient history. Share the trip of a lifetime with your special someone. The sheer size of the pyramids and temples, and the craftsmanship displayed by early architects and artists, is an inspiring reminder of what humans can do when moved by forces of love, fear, and the quest for the afterlife. Sail the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, ending your days with romantic sunsets over date palms and riverside temples. With a local guide, you can make the most out of exploring ancient tombs in the cities of the dead and navigating the hectic streets of Cairo.