August 10 , 2020

4 Reasons to Plan Now for Travel in 2021

Getting back to travel in 2021 will mean more customized trips than ever, so you should start planning now before the best options run out.

4 Reasons to Plan Now for Travel in 2021

We began 2020 with high hopes and exciting travel plans for the year ahead, but instead it has been a year to teach us about the value of human connection and how we feel when our favorite destinations are closed to visitors. Whether we had dreamed of visiting the Amalfi Coast beaches in Italy, the ancient monuments in Egypt, or the bistros of Paris, being separated from our dream destinations has only intensified our craving for that next adventure. Getting back to travel in 2021 will mean more customization than ever, and you’ll need to start planning now to have more options available to you.


Most travelers are eager to get back out there, so we can expect a lot of heightened demand going into next year! Be it a now-delayed honeymoon or an epic family adventure, the best trips start with a good plan. This year more than ever, it’s important to start planning early to ensure that you can book the accommodation you want and don’t miss out on the best deals for your custom trip.


Experts predict pent-up demand

A large percentage of clients who had a trip planned for 2020 decided not to cancel altogether, but to postpone the same or revised itinerary for 2021. That means there is expected to be competition for hotels and reservations to snap up the best private guides and drivers. Due to deferred trips and cabin fever, agents and tour operators are expecting a high number of travelers next summer. Some destinations, like Greece and Egypt, may experience a clamor around certain dates as many travelers endeavor to reschedule their trips.



Changing travel protocols call for more custom options

The way we travel is changing to accommodate new health and safety standards around sanitization and personal space. While it remains to be seen how this will affect travel in the long-term, for many people an essential question is if we will still be able to immerse ourselves in another culture in authentic and engaging ways. This is a great time to consider more intimate and private experiences, which happens to be our specialty! More clients are asking about villa rentals or private yachts, while others may prefer small boutique properties or luxury hotels with rigorous cleaning mandates. Those wanting to avoid crowded airports can turn to train services for easy inter-city connections, while private drivers and rental cars will help travelers aiming to stay in their bubble while maintaining freedom and independence. But remember, to get dibs on those in-demand private services and well-equipped accommodations, you’ll need to start making some decisions and reservations now.



Take advantage of our time and expertise

Booking ahead means booking smart, and planning ahead means more time to research and refine the perfect trip. When you’re not yet able to spread your wings internationally, you can focus on building anticipation for the places you’d like to go by reading or streaming travel inspo. Then share your wishlist with us. Right now is a great time for you to work with a travel advisor, as we have more time than usual to craft an unforgettable custom itinerary for you. As the world starts to open its doors to more and more travel, there may be a rush for the services of travel advisors, as people realize there’s even more to be aware of now when planning an adventure overseas. Take advantage of our extra attention while it’s available!



Plan now, change later

For bookings this year, we are offering a flexible ‘Book with Confidence’ program to give you more security in your travel planning. You can find these details on our Terms & Conditions page. We also recommend purchasing ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ travel insurance to protect your travel investment.


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