May 12 , 2020

What is a Gulet Yacht?

Find out what defines a gulet yacht and how we can make it work for you!

What is a Gulet Yacht?

A gulet yacht charter vacation in Turkey is one of our all-time favorite trips in the Mediterranean. Exploring on your own private yacht affords the kind of freedom and luxury that is hard to duplicate with any other travel scenario. This dream is easier to realize than you may imagine, and we have helped hundreds of clients find the right boat for them!


Gulet Overview


What makes a gulet yacht different from the others?


Gulets have a special history – beautifully handcrafted wooden vessels from Turkey, they were originally used for transport by fishermen and sponge divers. Gulets are fashioned from materials like oak, teak, mahogany, stainless steel and burnished brass, and most commonly offer 4 to 8 cabins with en suite toilet facilities. Typically found near their home of origin in the eastern Mediterranean, modern hybrid versions have added a motor to the traditional double-masted hull. These graceful yachts are perfectly designed to function as traveling accommodation (as opposed to adventure or sport) with spacious cabins and decks for lounging. There is plenty of deck space for you and your traveling companions to spread out and listen to music, read a book, and sunbathe, then come together to play games and share a meal. When the wind is fine, you can enjoy hushed, leisurely sailing through turquoise waters.



Today gulets are available in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Italy. Your yacht charter package can come in a range of price categories from standard to VIP, based on different levels of services and amenities included.


Onboard Services



All of our charters customarily come with an experienced crew at hand to take care of the daily chores on board and provide you with excellent service including shopping for provisions, meal prep, cleaning and local advice. We will make suggestions based on the size of your group and the kind of experiences you request, but you can decide what feels best for you.


Gulet Activities


The best part about a gulet yacht charter is the ability to discover out-of-the-way sites and hidden bays that other travelers miss. Oh yea, and you only have to unpack once!


Deep blue seas, gorgeous pine-covered coastline and friendly seaside villages are all part of the guarantee when you escape on a ‘blue voyage’ in Turkey. Go from swimming off the boat and watching the waves to roaming ancient ruins on a guided land adventure. You can have a guide along with you to illuminate the entire journey, or choose to meet up with one at specific locations along the way. Indulge in traditional meals freshly-prepared by your personal chef and experience the local cuisine in a meaningful way. We can also arrange a cooking lesson for you on board or on land.


Gulet adventures are better together and are ideal for families and groups of friends. Take advantage of the time and space to just relax, and also come together to participate in fun recreational activities like swimming, snorkeling, wake boarding, canoeing and more. Boats can be equipped with a wide range of water sports activities and even a jacuzzi. At the end of a fun day, gather together on the comfortable lounge couches to share daily highlights and photos, watch a movie on the entertainment system or play a game. Take a moment to enjoy some drinks at the salon bar or on the deck while watching the sun dip below the horizon.


CTCAdventures arranges all aspects of your gulet yacht vacation including private land transportation, guides, day trips and private tours, on-land trip extensions, crew selection, charter agreement, advanced provisioning allowance, harbor fees, optional inclusions and anything else to make your trip a breeze! Please get in touch with us today for a free, custom-designed travel package.