March 19 , 2021

The Places We’ll Go!

After a year of postponed travel plans, missed celebrations, and trying to recreate some of the magic of far-flung destinations through our screens… that wanderlust wishlist is burning a hole in our pocket! Here are the top places our team wants to go, as soon as international restrictions lift and we can get back on a plane.

The Places We’ll Go!



Cornwall Coast and Yorkshire, UK



I am currently researching a trip for myself and a sister to Cornwall in England. We’re all big PBS/Masterpiece fans who have done too much TV-binging during this past year. We want to see the stunning seaside landscapes and small fishing villages where Poldark and Doc Martin were filmed.  While there, I’m sure we’ll also want to fit in Highclere Castle, of Downton Abbey fame. And if we can swing it, a trip to Yorkshire in the north of England to see where All Creatures Great and Small was filmed. As daughters of a country vet ourselves, that would have some special meaning for us.


Mary – Sales & Client Relations


Greek and Turkish Coasts


Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash


I’d be grateful and excited to go anywhere after being stuck at home this past year, but specifically I cannot wait until sailing and cruising is fully operational again! I would love to explore the coasts of Turkey and the islands of Greece via the sea to experience those countries from a totally different perspective than from a car on land.  Also, there is nothing like local Greek food!


Laura – Local Operations & Client Relations


Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, Italy


Photo by Fabio Fistarol on Unsplash


When I can travel abroad again, I would like to start with visiting the northern Italian lakes, such as Como and Maggiore. I would feed the sparrows and take in the view while enjoying lunch at Isola Bella.


Sina – Overseas Operations & Vendor Relations


Madrid, Spain


Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash


Before the pandemic, we were planning a trip to Madrid. When it is safe to travel again, we are looking forward to discovering this capital city renowned for its rich repositories of European art and wide expansive boulevards. While there, we want to take Spanish lessons to improve our language proficiency. Can’t wait to taste tapas in Madrid!


Arca – IT & Operations

Onur – Marketing & Analytics


Croatian Coast and Islands


Photo by Sergii Gulenok on Unsplash


My husband and I are eager to travel after staying home for over a year. After a very enjoyable yacht cruise to Greece a few years ago, we now want to do a similar thing in Croatia. Variety Cruises offers an Adriatic Sea itinerary that includes the Dalmatian Coast and Montenegro. We love the yachting experience because it is intimate and much more flexible than cruising on larger boats. We enjoy being out on the sea and jumping off the back of the boat into the Adriatic, just enjoying the yachting experience. We look forward to seeing Medieval Dubrovnik and the vineyards and lavender fields of Hvar, and just getting out of the house and exploring the world again!


Nancy – Accounting & Business Analytics


Ljubljana and Lake Bled, Slovenia


Photo by Arnaud Steckle on Unsplash


There’s so much catching up to do when it comes to my travel wishlist! The one place I’ve been dreaming of the most is Slovenia. The capital of Ljubljana looks like a little fairytale city with old-world cafes and chocolate shops, and the country overall is a nature-lover’s dream. There are emerald rivers, the towering Julian Alps, stunning hiking trails, and heavenly lakes like Bled and Bohinj.


Shanon – Marketing & Creative